Hey, just wondering how many of us here have played left strung right, upside down, and then switched back to normal? I've had a few years off of playing, and I was never that disciplined either and I have been contemplating making the switch. It seems that it would be an easy switch as everything is written and played normal. Thanks for any help!
As in, you switch back from playing righthanded guitars upside down to lefthanded guitars? I think there is not really much difference. I have and play my own lefthanded guitars, but if I'm at friends or whatever and there's a righthanded guitar I can do *some* stuff on it too. I don't think I could switch to it permanently, but also, I don't forget lefthanded if I do because it feels pretty much the same when I play 'wrong'... just upside down. I think you can safely switch from the one to the other without forgetting one way.
i would say to make a 70-30 or 80-20 balance between left hand/ right hand upside down. Playing a right hand upside down is a great skill to know if you go to gig and something happens to your lefty. I own 4 lefts and 1 righty and only use the right handed as a refresher or sort of inspiration to change up things after a while.
I cannot play at all right handed, i can flip the guitar upside down and play some stuff but that's it. I am strongly left handed though, as in i do almost everything primarily with my left hand.