I barely noticed the at the begining, its a little more noticleable when the vocals (which are great btw, you've got soul) come in. Guitar wise its great too, everything fits nicely but theres still room for the improvised-sounding lead parts (ocasionally a little squeaky tone wise but still good). Nice job

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1515834
thanks guys, yeah i wish i could record something more up beat but when i go higher in my voice the rockband mic cant handle it and it gets all fuzzy....soo yeah.haha thanks ill check yours out
i thought i'd give a listen, and i was definetly impressed. not meant as a downer but there is a lot of acoustic guitar with singin style stuff out atm around where i am...........but i would be fine with that if was like this sort of style. very good Vox in my opinion. found the song relaxing to listen to.

don't worry too much about the hiss-thats probably a microphone issue (so that problems kinda out your hands, unless you fork out for another mic).

i'll post my music just for the hell of it, so you are welcome to listen to it if the mood takes you. but don't feel obliged cos i wasn't actually comin on here fishin for a crit, just listened to the song durin a bored lunch break at work and though i would leave a crit.