With the recent favorite fast food thread, and then a friend sending me this:


I was wondering dear Pit, what kind of shenanigans have you done at the drive through window?

I once went through the Taco Bell window 7 times in a row. Once for each person in the car, and an extra time for hot sauce packets...
...is my MUSIC as good as muh shoops?

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I remember being in high school.
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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i asked for a bargain bucket at McDonalds
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Not exactly intentional, but here's a nice little story about old people (Jackal should like this)
(My) Grandma at Burger King drive-thru
Grandma: Yeah can I get a Big Mac and a small frosty?
BK: I'm sorry we don't have those.
Grandma: Oh why'd you get rid of em'? Those were delicious. Okay I'll just have the Frosty.
BK: We don't have Frostys either, would you like to try a Whopper and a milkshake?
Grandma: No thank you, I'll just go inside and use the bathroom.

True story bro.
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anyone who does or ever has done the fire in the hole thing is a complete asshole.

+ 1,000!!!!!!

Cone-ing is at least funny
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+ 1,000!!!!!!

Cone-ing is at least funny

that's that thing from the gif of the guy grabbing the actual ice cream part of the cone, right? that one's funny.
i once went throught the drive through in a shopping cart mostlybecause we tried to go throught it walking the (restaurant was closing and only the drive through was open) when we tried to order the guy said we need to be on something that has four wheels

...we got our late night meal
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I remember being in high school.

^ This made me LOL

Can't remember any myself, but we went through the drive-thru at the local 24/7 McDonalds (yes, they have them in Africa) at 02:00 AM, when a bunch of slightly intoxicated guys behind us walked throught the drive-thru

...must've left their car at home
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Your G-string sounds funny?


...wait for it...

...what she said

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good day, sir.
I've sang my orders and gone through the drive-thru backwards a ton of times.

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I remember being in high school.

I remember feeling a need to "grow up" and have an unwarranted sense of superiority over people who still like to have a little fun every now and then.

Hope you find your way!
That video was great. I need to learn to play and sing, so I can do that.
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