In the process of building a strat-style guitar with a HSS configuration. What would be the best pots for this. I know that 500k are for hum and 250k for single but how would the singlessound if they were wired to the 500k, or is there anyway to retain the single sound and the hum sound using 250 and 500k pots? Thanks for any help, and hopefully this makes sense.
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Pots do have some impact on sound, but its really minimal. And its all to your preference: general rule is 500k for HSS though.
I used the stock pots in my American Strat for a H-H-H setup. Worked fine.
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if you can find them... 300k pots are quite nice for HSS strats, I generally don;t find them with solder lugs though so a little more tricky to solder
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500k isn't ONLY for humbuckers, 250k isn't ONLY for single coils. 500k will give you a tiny bit more output and a tiny bit more treble as opposed to 250k, but the difference is fairly minimal. You can compensate for the brightness by just turning down your tone knob a bit for a little extra sweetness. I use 500k with singles, it's a personnal preference.