Im going to have like £300-400 soon and i need a new amp. Although when i looked at the new stuff from namm i seen that Zoom are releasing the G5. Ive heard the G3 is amazing and i thought id see what you think. I also like the digitech rp1000. Im thinking if i get one of these pedals then i can get like a 20w tube amp to use them through. Bearing in mind ill be selling my line 6 spider iv 30 too, and probably my boss me 50 which should give me an extra £150-200 i think. I play hardcore punk, classic rock, metal, progressive metal/djent, and metalcore. Bands i play are the beatles, gallows, the devil wears prada, metallica, parkway drive, periphery, the safety fire, the who, eric clapton etc. So it needs to be versatile. If im not buying one of these pedals it will most likely be a bugera 6262 + 2x12. but yeah, what should i do?
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