Soon I am going to buy the Jet City JCA20H all tube amp
I just read though, that this amp only has 1 channel, so i have a little problem

Let's say you have a song, cleans in the verse, overdrive in the chorus, and a solo with a ****load of gain,

How can you achieve both these 3 levels of overdrive on 1 channel?
Normally you would use an overdrive pedal over the amps overdrive channel for the boost, but this amp has no overdrive channel...

I checked out the 2-channel version of this amp but that's too expensive for me.. :P

The amp gets quite a lot of dirt on its own.

For cleans, you would roll down the guitar's volume knob, dirt, roll it up, and then for a solo you could use an overdrive pedal and have your guitar's volume wide open.
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The one channel you have is sort of overdrive. On low, it's rather clean, and the more you turn up the pre amp the more distortion there will be.

One way could be to dial it to the overdrive needed in the chorus, roll of the volume on your guitar for cleans, and boost the overdrive sound with an OD pedal for the solo.

Or get another amp.

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set up a clean channel, have an od pedal and a dist pedal. its easy if you have a multi fx with presets
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