I have been playing guitar for nearly 4 months now and i still dont know how i stack up to other players. I need music that i can play at my skill level so if you could help in anyway i would appreciate it . Right now i can play : Monster, Animal i have become, Lay down, Smells like teen spirit and 3 others.
Oh and American idiot, A few riffs to metal songs and the openings to Seek and destroy, Master of puppets, Enter sandman and Crazy train.
You know your skill level better than we can.

Whats more important is what you want to be able to play, now what you can play - if there is something you wanna learn but think its not in your skill level then practice it till it is. Nothing is too fast or complex if you slow it down and practice it methodically with a metronome.

Some useful threads;
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AC/DC riffs are always good
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AC/DC riffs are always good

This, you should be able to play the rhythm parts of Back in Black, Hells Bells, You Shook Me All Night Long, etc.
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Remember that it's never necessarily what you "can" play, but "how well" you can play it.
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Start early on scales. Will help later.
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Go for the ones that are a little out of your leave because once you get your fingers around it you will be improving and then pick another difficult one start with sweet child o mine and then get an easy one to go back to if you get frusterated with child o mine Try hang on loosely by 38 special
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Start early on scales. Will help later.

This this this this this this.

Also, I was self taught for 8 months when I started before finding a good teacher (if you're still looking for a teacher, make sure they teach the style of music you're looking for! If you're interested in Metal, a Jazz/Soft Rock teacher will not help you anywhere near as much!). During this time my first songs were Iron Man, Paranoid, Mr Crowley (all Ozzy Osbourne, but you should know that already ). I also took an interest to Power Metal and learned Hammerfall - Natural High, Renegade, and Titan.

They key to anything is to start slowly and increase your speed gradually. It's the most boring thing in the world, which is why I seriously don't recommend you sit down with a metronome and go up and down scales for an hour. IT SUCKS. And you'll hate guitar afterward.

If you can spend a little money, get hold of the Guitar Pro 6 software. It's amazing for learning songs and has hundreds of tools you can use, the best one of which I found is the ability to highlight and select bars of a tab and loop them at gradually increasing speeds - this worked wonders for me, seeing as I could play along to something and train my speed! Speaking of playing along to things, I don't recommend you use a standard metronome. Why? The monotonous beep beep beep or tick tick tick is extremely boring and will gradually absorb your soul into hell (As metal as that sounds it isn't good). Instead, this is a tip I picked up off Andy James from LickLibrary, get hold of a drum machine or drums backing track, and play along to that. It makes practicing a lot more interesting if you're just doing scales, and its also a great medium for just shredding out stuff when you're bored. Backing tracks too are awesome!

Ok, I didn't quite answer your question, but hopefully I've imparted plenty of knowledge to you. Practice hard and rock on!
Check out justinguitar.com and go through his beginner lessons. They will get you started in the right direction with some good and very useful tips for practicing as well as teach you songs that use specific chords for each set of chords and scales that he teaches you.
Foo Fighters songs are pretty easy, check out the Pretender. Billy Talent can be a bit more technical which could be good practice. Check out Try Honesty by them.

But really learning a song you can't get enough of is the best way to keep interested so learn whatever you dig.