So recently i built an ABY box for going between my Vypyr75 and my 6505+ combo. The idea was to use the cleans on the Vypyr and the dirt from my 6505+. Worked like a champ.

During one song i "oops" accidentaly selected my lead channel on the Vypyr which is my closest setting to the 6505+ setting that i use when i practice at night.

WOW - Heading the two amps together was friggn awesome! I loved having the two "different" sounds at once. It just added a TON of meat to the sound. So i got to thinking. Do i get a channel selector for my 6505+ and a Sanpera pedal to change betwen my 1st two presets on my Vypyr and then it dawned on me.

I've read of like famous folks using a ton of differernt amps and controlling everything with midi etc. After a little reading it seams my Vypyr is really just midi controlled and the Sanpera is just a fancy midi controller tailored to the Vypyr.

Finally, my question. Is there an affordable footswitch or is it possible to control both my 6505+ and my Vypyr via 1 controller. Like, on one click it would set my Vypyr to Preset 1 and my 6505+ to the rythym channel. Then on a second click change the Vypyyr to preset 2 and the 6505+ to lead etc?

Is this just a retarded idea?