hey im the guitarist of a band called sovernguard (subject to change) and saw this and thought of it as a good way to start to get noticed
the band current has only three members
there is : me - lead guitar, backing vocals
my friend jonny- bass guitar, backing vocals
and my friend jordi-rhythm guitar, backing vocals
heres some back ground info: we all started being in a band known as "destroy the core" but left due to differences with the other musicans, we decided to start our own band and we made some songs, we started out being called the country-metal project but we decided against that, were also called T for a short space of time but quickly changed to soverguard (named after the nord version of heaven, but i spelt it wrong).
we currently have a facebook page if you want updates on what we are doing and when we have upcoming gigs (i might not post on here too oftern)


we shall be posting songs on the band page, and advice will be taken into concideration and thank you for your time
keep it metal