really liked this, nothing to crit about love your voice, love the guitar, the only thin was i would of slapped that lady who coughed haha. great work keep it up
thanks for the crit bro

reminds me of paul mccartney mixed with john mayer

but what the duck is up with the related videos?
i enjoyed this track, and i normally wouldnt care for this style in general.
This is amazing mate, really good. Apart from the actual recording of course, a mobile phone doesn't do you justice I don't think!

Get some proper recordings done buddy.

One thing I gotta ask, how the fook do you play so well whilst singing? Something I really have trouble with!

If you get the chance to C4C, I've got a thread knocking about the place!
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I really liked this! Not the kind of acoustic music I usually listen to but i definitely dig it. Very good songwriting and interesting lyrics, you have a nice voice too I can't really comment on the production, which is usually what I do best, as it is a live performance.

Thanks for checking out my track too man!