Anyone know of any really good sites for getting good gear (pedals, cables, picks etc)
New or used
I forgot to mention a BIG way i find gear "online" is to setup and RSS feed on craigslist... I check my RSS feed like i check my email. Anytime anyone posts anything that has "peavey, mesa, nikon, etc" it shows up as a line item in my reader for me to check out..
It all depends on where you live and where they can ship without it being astronomical in cost.
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GuitarCenter = Musician's Friend (same company)

The above are great for high-volume stuff. Was there something in particular you were looking for? For instance, if you're interested in Mesa (or other high end) amps I'd probably direct you to Brian Meader over at The Guitar Sanctuary.

If you're looking for deals, check out SearchTempest to check nationwide craigslist postings (I use to use JaXed but craigslist shut down their ability to search all of craigslist).

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