Tomorrow is my bands 1st ever performance together. In practice we kick a lot of ass, but I'm really nervous about actually performing. I've played in front of people before and nervousness is rather hit and miss...what are some ways that some of you get ready for a show?
Nothing. Just get up there and have fun. That's what you have to focus in.

Good luck, man.
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One shot of whiskey 20 minutes before you start. And remember, everyone's there to hear some music. Just give em what they want.
I make sure that (apart from having the band completely ready) I eat before I play. If I'm hungary my timing always goes a tad out, especially during solos.

If you screw up the show, it just means you needed to practice more. Live and learn. Good luck dude.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I had my first show a few weeks ago. I was really nervous on the way there but once we started setting up we pretty much treated it like we were back in the practice room. By the first verse of our first song I had lost all my nerves.

I know it's vague, but try to be confident, think about how much fun your having, and remember your parts. Most people won't notice if you mess up.
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Warm up before going on stage. Some slow scales, slow strumming, speed up the scales, speed up the strumming. Nothing is worse than having your arm cramp in your 2nd song.

The biggest thing to remember is that your typical crowd can't recognize mistakes, so don't worry about making them, and don't point them out. Don't say "Sorry, I messed up that last solo" or stare at your drummer angrily if he drops a stick. People who know music understand it happens, and people who don't understand music won't even know. If you or a bandmate messes up badly, and you need to do something, smile laugh it off (without looking at that bandmember) and the crowd will just think you're having a really good time.

People just want to have fun. Don't sell yourself too seriously, people won't enjoy you and will get angry if you suck. Don't undersell yourself, because then people don't want to be there. Just have fun onstage, and the audience will love it.

Good luck, kick ass.