What type of mic, in general, do people use to record guitar? I have a Univeral Audio solo 610 preamp in combination with either a Neumann mic (condenser) or a Shure Sm57 mic.

I could, and have, checked out both sounds but i am just wondering if in general studio's use condensor mics or dynamic mics to record guitar and why. Next to that would you reccommend to record dry or with effects? I know recording dry will give me more versatility after the recording, but then again, with effects i can play more " in the mood of the song ".

So gimme your 2 cents on this
Generally condensor on acoustic and soft electric. Dynamic on anything, but they're awesome on loud distorted guitars.

It's all case by case however, you can get some awesome sounds sticking a ribbon right against a guitar cab. Plug both mics in and experiment. Just make sure your condenser microphone has a high enough Maximum SPL Rating so it doesn't break or stretch the diaphragm under such high sound pressure. 120db+ should be fine. Lower than that and I would start to get careful. In reality, a fully cranked 4x12 probably won't even reach 110db (this is like, wall shakingly loud) but I like to stay *under* the manufacturers specifications, just in case.

Need proof? Check out these photos from Periphery. 4 mics on the guitar cab, picking and blending their favorites (they've said they mostly use the sm57 track and blend in the others). That's a Shure KSM32 Condenser on the bottom right cone. Also a condenser on the bass cab.