i might buy the Seymour Duncan Blackouts soon (both neck and bridge), but my ESP Ltd viper 100 dosent accept active pickups. Is it possible to reroute the wiring so it accepts them? and if i were to get it done at a music store, how much would it cost? plz help! and if i dont like em, could i go back to passives?
Moving to the blackouts is easy if you know your way around a soldering iron and you are good with that sort of thing. You will have to change out your pots too because the active pup's use 25k pots vs the 250/500's you probably have in it now. Not sure how much a tech would charge. I would guess it would be around an hour job..
I wouldn't recommend putting blackouts in a viper 100. It's like putting amazing rims on an otherwise awful car.
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