cried even lips are swollen up. Ge Shan took one look at the eyes, thinking with her pair of appearance, are not what is exceedingly beautiful, old Shen down really is crazy for her, such a storm. Shen Kaifu likes young girls are famous, of course. Ge Shan introduced her to see him, which means: "one stone kill two birds," sacrificing the girl, and rescued Liu Quan. Did not expect that self-defeating, but let Liu Quan's life. On the one hand she pissed off, saw the yellow silk, I feel an exasperating, and finally grievances are filled with transplanted to her. "Maybe he's just intimidation," Huang Juan whisper, like talking to himself. "Such a little thing, he would not be broken," Ge Shan coldly sayscoach factory outlet sale . Huang Juan sobbing again. "I really didn't expect sth" "It doesn't matter whether you fancy, leave unexpectedly, anyway, are you killed Liu Quan," Ge Shan spits out a mouthful of smokecoach outlet easily say, heart was also a kind of meets in Zhang Li to be frank, when Ge Shan flight went to step down. But he finished to be honest, but also some questions she has named no other lover. Ge Shan insist on saying that there is no. President of the General Assembly called her back and think about it, writing a detailed book to be honest. She has also been mixed. Meanwhile Liu Quan dry sweating. Zhang Li is also gone. Newspaper Frank after he sent records of party branches that night Party Group coach poppy according to his confessions of information, a thorough investigation into corruption in his other life, met to review, review to late evening. The next day, continue to review, then simply put he up and isolated reflection. Liu Quan, feel really lucky. "It should go to the Ge Shan once, thanks to her," he coach alexandra bag thought. During the five evils, like was under martial law, everyone for all the members of bizhiruomei for fear that something happens to others, he himself is tie. Even met during office hours, unless absolutely necessary, not saying a Word, off
Liu Quan is a badass name.
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he himself is tie. Even met during office hours, unless absolutely necessary, not saying a Word, off

off.... Off what?
DAMNIT Finish the story! Don't leave me hanging you cunt!