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"Already over," Tina said with the syringe in her hand. "He didn't even twitch. A good dog you are, I guess you have earned yourself a little reward!"

After a gentle move of Tina's hand Max laid down on his side and Tina started to caress his chest. Doing that, she moved her hands more and more over to his belly. Sandy was confused. What was going on? But when Tina started to pet his sheath she was quite shocked. She looked at Andy but she was just smirking and winked at her. Tina now had gone from gently petting the sheath into more intense massaging moves. It didn't took long until the tip of his shiny red dick protruded out of its hideout. Max started to pant, apart from that he was very calmly lying on the metal table. Tina lowered her head and moved her tongue over the growing red tip.

"Wow, another one who likes to have sex with animals," Sandy thought and asked herself, if Andy still knew more people with that likings.

Of course this sight didn't leave her cold, her pussy was already getting wet. She looked at Andy again and noticed that she was already very excited as well. Meanwhile most of Max's **** was out of its sheath, only the knot-section was still in. Tina had put the **** into her mouth and was sucking on it. He already sprayed his precum into her mouth, which she apparently enjoyed very much, because she began to moan passionately. Sandy's slip was already completely soaked now, but she tried to keep control.

Tina was holding Max's dick below the knot, which had swollen to its full size by now and she was licking and sucking it ferociously. She pushed the dick so deep into her mouth that she touched the knot with her lips. Sandy's hands were still resting on his chest. She felt that Max was quickly twitching a few times. So now he was shooting the whole load down Tina's throat. She was swallowing all of it and then, to be able to enjoy the tasty semen even more, she took the squirting dick out of her mouth.

Of course the two other girls got even hornier seeing the loads of sperm, which were shooting out of the small tip of the deliciously looking doggy-**** right into the greedy mouth of the beautiful vet. Tina didn't waste a single drop, everything went down her throat. How much Sandy would have loved to have some of it that moment, but she didn't say a word.

When his **** had finally stopped squirting, Tina let him go. Instantly he got on his feet and gave his **** a few licks with his tongue. Then he jumped off the table and laid down on blanket which lied there in the corner of the room.

"Surprised?" Andy asked her. But Sandy was still unable to say anything, she just nodded.

"Okay, so now Max had been taken care of," Tina said, left the room through the back door and came back right away. After her a very large Great Dane entered the room. It was white with black spots. It was obvious that he knew Andrea very well because he seemed to be happy to see her. He came to her immediately and licked her hand. There wasn't any problem with Max. He just remained lying on the blanket without complaining at all because of the other male dog who had entered the room.

"Now it is Zeus's turn. What would you say to a nice little **** with this pretty guy, Sandra?" Tina asked.

Despite what she had just witnessed, Sandra was surprised by that question. Up to now Max had been the only dog who had ****ed her and of course no one else but Andrea had been attending these events.

"I don't know," she therefore said a little bashful although she was really ****ing horny.

"Okay, then Zeus will have my ****!" Andy said instantly. Sandy was surprised that she didn't try to persuade her to **** Zeus. Not even once.

"Can you fetch the special chair?" Andrea asked. "I'd like to show it to Sandy!" She knelt down to Zeus to pet him. Immediately he began to lick her face upon which Andrea opened her lips and let her greedy tongue meet his dripping wet rag. Of course Sandy only got a lot hornier watching her girlfriend kissing this huge dog so passionately.

"Of course, just one moment," Tina said. She released the breaks from the wheels of the examination table and wheeled it aside. Then she disappeared past the back door again and shortly returned with a gynecologic chair. Sandy asked herself why a vet had such a chair. It actually looked like a normal one, only that one had cushioned boards on both sides of the seat. In addition to that the range of its height adjustment was very extensive - as she was able to see when Tina lowered the seat. In the middle of the room, where the table had been, Tina secured the wheels of the chair.

Andy quickly took off her coat. Underneath was her black net-catsuit. It was attached on a neckband of black lace. The net was quite coarse meshed and thus hid of course not a thing. For obvious reasons there was an opening over the crotch. Sandy wasn't really surprised because of that sight, because they often went out so frivolously clothed. After Andy hadn't taken off her coat earlier, Sandy had known that Andy certainly wasn't wearing much under it.

Sandy herself wasn't that "naked" today, but underneath her white sweatshirt and her jeans she wore sexy underwear as well. Not a catsuit though, but an open-bust thong-bodysuit which didn't cover her huge sexy breasts. Instead they were only framed by thongs which joined above them to be the shoulder straps. The body was also slitted in the crotch. It was not black but red and the net was very close meshed, yet quite transparent.

Actually Sandy had thought that the purpose of this lingerie only was to stimulate them for having sex later at home, but apparently she was wrong. Andy sat down on the chair and put her legs up on the supporting stands, so Sandy could see her dripping opened pussy.

"This chair is the perfect tool to get screwed by a dog missionary style," Andy said with a smile in her face. "Pay attention, that is really ****ing horny."

Zeus knew exactly what he was expected to do now. Joyfully he ran to Andrea and started to lap her pussy lavishly. His **** was already visible. It was a bit paler than the one of Max but Sandy could already see that his member was a good deal larger. The chair was indeed perfectly adjusted to the height of his hip.

"Come on, let's sit down, so you have the perfect view on your girlfriend's pussy when he's ****ing her." Tina took her to the white leather couch that stood by the wall opposite to the chair.

Andy had closed her eyes and moaned lustfully. Because her **** was so wide open, Zeus was able to penetrate her **** with his tongue really deep. But he wasn't "wasting" a lot of time licking her tasty crotch. He raised his body and mounted the chair. Andy opened her eyes.

"Oh you already want to ****? Okay, let me help you!" She helped Zeus to lift his forelegs past her spread thighs so he could rest them on the cushioned boards at her sides. "And now dig your rod deep into my ****!"

Zeus entered her hole with a powerful thrust. His now totally hard and indeed very big red dog-penis disappeared completely in Andy's pussy at once. Andy loudly screamed of lust. Zeus ****ed her very fast and with a lot of power. It was a great thing to look at. Sandy was licking over her lips. Now she deeply regretted to have refused Tina's offer.

"Oh, yeeeeees, I'm getting to it, I'm cummmiiing, yeeeeees!" Andy was screaming so loud now. What a luck that they were alone in the house. For a good reason Tina had bought the whole house when she had set up her business here. Zeus didn't stop his heavy blows so the orgasm lasted quite a long time. And even when the orgasm was fading, Zeus kept humping her quivering hot flesh. By the contractions of Andy's cuntal walls Zeus's **** was virtually milked and it wasn't long until he began to jerk off as well.

When Andy felt the warm spurts of his jizz inside her body she climaxed again. With rotating movements of her pelvis she even intensified the sensation. Sandy was on the edge herself only by watching this scene. She wasn't able to restrain and she didn't care now. She opened the buttons of her pants and shoved her hand to her crotch. Her pussy truly was completely soaked and when she looked down, she noticed that there was already a dark spot on her jeans between her legs.

"I'm not surprised considering what I'm looking at," she thought and pushed two fingers into her hole. She had completely forgotten that Tina was sitting by her side until she spoke to her.

"Don't hesitate to get rid of your clothes. Maybe I can lend you a hand?"

Sandy opened her eyes and looked into the grinning face of Tina. Again something she hadn't expected. Because in fact she was Andrea's girlfriend and she loved her and Andrea had told Tina she was her girlfriend.

"Go on, let her help you and enjoy it!" she heard Andy say gasping. Zeus now had also pushed his knot inside her and he was barely moving. Andrea had her hand placed over the opening of her catsuit, but of course she didn't do that to cover her twat from the views of the other two girls (though that was an unfortunate side-effect). She was holding his dick right behind the knot to keep it in as she was close to her third orgasm.

"Don't worry, I know you love me as I love you, hun. This is just sex! In fact you also do it with Max and I'm ****ing Zeus at the moment."

"Okay, if that is your attitude, why not?" Sandra said and got out of her jeans. Tina took off Sandy's sweatshirt and sat down on the floor in front of her.

"Oh, wow, what a sexy underwear you got. And, wow look at these wonderful bare tits." Tina took Sandy's beautiful big breasts in her hands and gave one of Sandy's nipples a few quick licks. "And your underwear also has a nice little slit which seems to be quite useful," Tina said with a little wink. "But it's all wet down there already. Let me take care of this."