So I was at band practice the other day and noticed that my amp started popping and crackling. So I turned it off and it sat in the garage for about a night. The next day I get to band practice and flip my amp on and at first there were no problems. Then the popping and stuff started. I took a look 'round back and noticed that one power tube was brighter than the other.

It's a Fender Hot Rod DeVille that I bought used. So what could it possibly be?
start with this

spray the tube pins with some contact cleaner, that will clean the sockets and reseat the tube. if it still crackles after that and it is not a cable or guitar or pedal or jack then maybe take it to a tech
check speaker cables. one could be tired from hanging in the same direction and acts up. it has happened to me once. most likely a tube. get one. its always good to have extras.
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Keeping spare tubes is a good idea - matched sets too, saves rebiasing.
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Keeping spare tubes is a good idea - matched sets too, saves rebiasing.

Still gotta bias the amp, don't you? Just because the tubes are a matched set doesn't mean you don't need to bias the amp.