ive been playing for about 2 years now. and for some odd reason im cursed with this alien corrosive sweat that absolutely kills my guitar strings after just 1 play. no joke, they rust and lose their tone so quickly and i hate it. any suggestions on a string brand to avoid this problem? ive considered coated strings, but the one time i played them pinch harmonics sucked and they felt like complete plastic and the tone wasnt to great. i dont know what brand they were though, i know for sure they wernt good quality, would elixers for example be much better? (main issue being pinch harmonics which i use like crazy and tone, i care not for the feel of the string) again any help would be greatly appreciated.
I was never a fan of the coated strings, but the best I've ever tried were cleartone strings. They did burn a hole through my pocket though, but they sound better than any of your ernie balls or d'addario's put together!

But dude just experiment, you might just want to try cleaning your fretboard and washing your hands before you play.
I don't know about strings, but have you tried wearing sweatbands on your wrists? Guys like James Hetfield wear them. Hetfield has worn black ones on both wrists for most of his career, and besides looking cool he wears them more because they obviously prevent all the sweat from running down your arm and onto your hands/guitar/strings, and also prevents the sweat from making it slippy to hold onto your pick etc.

pic of hetfield: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vegasrob/2537407031/lightbox/
What these guys are saying^.

Also wipe your strings and neck down after playing and try FastFret.
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TS, I feel your pain. I'll typically restring all my guitars the day before a gig and bin the strings the morning after. I've never tried coated strings though, I just use EB RPS 11-48 and change them often.
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Elixir nanowebs. Cost about $10 a pack, but easily last me 5 times as long as ernie ball slinky's. I can do pinch harmonics all day long, and they don't sound any different to me. I used to have to change my EB's out every other week or so because they got all crusty no matter what I did. The elixir's last me months. In fact, I've only changed them once in almost a year on my Carvin... and I only changed them when I did because I broke my high e. Seriously, try them. best $10 I've spent in a long time.
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Try D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir, GHS, Dean Markley, Rotosound... Don't forget GHS Fast Fret, that thing is marvelous.

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Just try everything you can. There is no science to which strings will work for you. It's purely a case by case basis, and each string reacts differently to a persons genetic makeup. We can't possible help you find one that will be good for you, you have to find it on your own.
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Email string brands, say you like their strings but you have a problem with how long they last. Ask which strings they suggest using, see if they can send you some to try out for frizzle.
ive tried pretty much every string brand i can find, with exception of coated strings, ill try them out, thanks for the input!