So I was messing on my Heritage Colonial 50w/ 212 cab/ Strat/ Fuzzface/ Wah for a Hendrix tone.

It sounded really distorted live, abit too much, then I recorded to see how it would sound from the camera and to my surprise it was SO clean.

After I listened to the video I thought that I didn't have enough fuzz on.... but when I was playing I was sure that I had too much fuzz... wierd heh?

Happens to you too?
I don't mean to alarm you, but I think your ears are broken.

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It would be the difference in the placement of the mic picking up the sound versus where you stand. Ideally tilt the amp speaker towards your head or aim to stand about 10 or so feet in front and slightly to the side of the speaker cone. You may be surprised at the difference you hear. Happens more often when I've mixed gigs than I care to remember (had to get the guitarist from a local band to stand out front at the desk whilst I played to get him to understand and hear for himself).
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