So I'm in a band, and we tend to record whenever we have the chance in a sort of home studio. The problem is, we never seem to get as much done as we plan to/want to. I was wondering if anybody had any tips regarding ways we could get more recording time out of our rehearsals.
We are not getting anything done due to our perfectionism. We try to get everything as good as it can be, with myself and my rhythm guitarist not being as bad about it, and our bassist being the biggest perfectionist.
Just tell him no one cares about the bass anyway

Seriously though, the only way it's going to go faster is with practice. It used to take me hours upon hours to record one track of a song, because I'm a huge perfectionist when it comes to the guitar. Learning how to play along with the click track and just recording a ton, I've become a MUCH tighter player, to the point where on most stuff, I can nail it on the first try. Tell everyone to practice at home to a metronome (you can find them online, download them on your phone, or download recording software and enable the click track) and become familiar with playing to one. This is one of the single greatest things you can learn to improve yourself as a musician.
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Pre-production is SO ****ING USEFUL.

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1) practice at home.

2) there comes a point when you are just making sound worse instead of better. Try to learn that point.

3) Practice independently to a click.then rehearsal should be tightening yourself together as a unit. Fire anyone who doesn't want to do this because "it's all about the feel man" Those people are lazy. You don't want them in the band. Or stop giving a **** and let it be loose. You can't have both.

4) Know exactly what you want to do before the recording session. As in "today we want to track three lead lines and backing vocals." This will help you stay on target.

5) Don't have food or drinks, turn off cell phones and take the chairs out of the rehearsal room. Don't stop until you accomplish what you set out to. People will stop ****ing around if they can't eat, facebook or sit down until it's done.
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