Okay guys I have a problem, and I need advice.
Anyway, I got really drunk last night. I mean, like f***ing drunk. I didn't know where the f*** I was. So, my 9 year old niece was at my house last night and so was my girlfriend. I'm 22. Here's where it gets scary. I f***cked a chick last night, but I can't remember if it was my niece or my gf. What the f*** should I do. When I woke up, my brother took my niece home. I don't know what the f*** happened. My gf left, too, and I can't get a hold of her. Someone, tell me wtf to do.
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I really don't know whether I hope this is a troll thread or not....... I mean...either he raped a girl
Or thinks it's ****ing hilarious to joke about it.
He's a monster either way.
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Ask her about it.

Your neice that is.

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I f***cked a chick last night,

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but I can't remember if it was my niece or my gf.

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What possible advice are you expecting? Don't fuck your niece next time?

Edit: Ah shit.
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you are muff cabbage, TS. seriously.

**** this thread.

I am physically enraged to the point of shaking that I had to read this.

this question is so ridiculous that I kind of DO hope you did your niece. that way you'll go to jail and wont have internet access.

also *reported* so this isn't total spam.

This is why we need Lt. Shinysides back.

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