Great tone for it solo was almost perfect, well done sir.

Now excuse me since I feel like I got my ass handed to me, I'm going to go play Crazy Train for a few hours.
Dang, thats good for only two years playing. I did learn that song after I'd been playing about the same amount of time, but I didn't play it that well. Especially the fills, haha, I just kinda made up my own after a while. The first chorus fill is especially very good.

As for anything to improve, I would just try to clean up the droning during the riff. I actually usually just play it as doubles instead of triplets, which I guess is technically wrong, but it makes it sound a little less messy. Thats personal choice though. Also, not sure what that was at the end of the solo, but it sounds out of time or something.

Another note, the tapping at the beginning solo, if I remember correctly, Randy plays it 14-10-7-10 live, not double tapping the 14 like you were doing. The studio recording is that way, but I think thats possibly due to using a delay, or maybe overdubbing the track. It might have even been intentionally that way in the studio, but I do believe he played it differently live.

Or its just me, who knows. I've kinda developed my own way of playing it that sounds right to me.
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