So I callede Presonus to get some help with my audiobox 44vsl
The guy at tech support talked to me for around 2 hours trying to figure out the problem
but we couldnt get it to work.
(the issue was with the drivers btw) after he tried the last thing he said he would email me when he solved the problem. its been 4 days and i havent heard from him back

today i called presonus again and told them this and asked if there was any way i could just return it for a refund and she just said "no we dont do that, sorry I cant help you"
and hung up. Im just sitting there like wtf?
Worst tech support ive ever seen and now im stuck with this $300 peice of shit!!!!!!
Did you download the drivers?

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Im in a similar boat. Universal control 1.5.2 worked but 1.5.3 causes a memory error when the pc shuts down and restarts the uc interface is greyed out and i cant adjust the k rating. Everything i do is 44.1 so its no big deal but it'd be nice to switch to 96k if i wanted to. Everythimg else works fine though.
I have a Pc running win 7 8gb ram 3.2ghz processor

the tech from presonus tried remote installing it and it didnt work. im at a loss hopefully i get a refund.
Strange.....I got a 44VSL 2 weeks ago and have not had any problems. Could it possibly be the interface itself? Where did you buy it from, Presonus direct?, or a retail store? Possibly might be able to return it for a new one if you bought it from a store.