i kept a good pace
but i just kinda lost it
i took too much time
and now its gotten kind of pointless
things aren't the same anymore
and i don't think we're ever gonna go back

cant make up my mind
its became a bad habit
been calling into work
even though i don't feel sick
maybe i'll stay inside
maybe i'll never leave my home

forget all I've said
and forget that i'm sorry
i might have cared then
but i dont care anymore
you can keep knocking
but i'll never open the door

you could change your mind
we'll believe that everything was actually nothing the whole time
Is this your first song you have written? I personally think its good man!
thanks allot that means allot to me.
its not the first that I've written. but its among the few.
I think this is pretty good!
Just asking, what genre of music were you thinking of it going with?
thanks, i will revise=]
well i was just going to come up with a chord progression on my acoustic and take it from there.
i'm not really going for any kind of genre i just want it all to come out my way.
I've been doing this g bm f c, g bm f gm thing on my guitar.