And oh great another tab is rejected, BFMV Seven Days

- We have a similar tab in the archives
- There are too many versions of the tab already
- It was inaccurate or not formatted
- It was intro or solo tab while we already have tabs for the whole song

-Do not add "Ver 2" Or "2" or "100% correct"or"New version" or something in song title.
didnt add this
-Check your song name and the artist name for spelling before you push submit button.
same as track name

-Do not add type of your tab in song title like: "Hells bells Bass tab". Just select the type of your tab in submit your tab page.
-If you're trying to submit a tab for a live version of a song,just put the word "Live" after song name with no other words.You can add more descriptions in your tab.
studio version

-Fix all incomplete bars.
-Add all necessary details in score information and performance note such as:
a.link to the website(For unknown bands)
b.Link to the song(youtube link or something if it was necessary)
all in the file

so what is the reason? lol
sorry guys, but those versions on your site are sh*t... should i even bother trying to submit better tabs??