So, I'm getting sick of having pieces of cardboard to jack my strings up off the first fret and for awhile I've been thinking of getting the crappy plastic nut replaced.

Awhile back, I went to a place to ask about this and they told me that it would be >$100 to have it replaced and cut to specifications depending on the material they used. So, seeing as how the blank nuts cost <$30 I was thinking of just doing it myself to save money.

To cut to the chase, my question is how would I remove the old nut from my guitar? Could I just tap it out with the flat side of a nail? There are no screws, and I can't see any glue fastening it into place. I just want to make sure I could do it with what I have and without damaging the guitar, even if I have to throw away 1-2 nuts because I messed up cutting them.
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ditch the plastic. i favor bone.

if you have never done this before i suggesting getting it done by someone, or see if you can find someone who can teach you
go to another place, $100 is way high. what kind of guitar?

tools that you would need to do it yourself:

sandpaper 80grit up to 400grit if you want the bone to look nice
a half pencil to mark the radius of the fingerboard
nut files, which i really recommend buying.
a feeler gauge.

i should make some how to videos.
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The guitar is a Washburn X300 Pro (electric).

I have access to all those things you mentioned (and some really precise calipers), except I have no idea what a "feeler guage" is- I can google that.

I respect your suggestion of getting taught this by someone who knows what they're doing, but I take pride in setting up all my own equipment and I wouldn't touch anything unless I knew exactly what I was doing.

If you made some videos on this, I would definitely check them out.
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Gaza Strip- home. At least it was before I fucked ereythang up...