I am looking for a cool tuning to use for a song, anyone have any suggestions I am looking to get like a city and colour type sound maybe.
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Look -

- it doesn't work like that.

Over on another forum, a guy who teaches DADGAD was complaining about people writing "the DADGAD song" - eg, a simple pattern based on the droning strings common to that tuning. Such songs were invariably terrible, he said, because there was nothing there, just the cliched sounds of that tuning.

Your song should work no matter what tuning its in. The notes are still the notes. Now, maybe you'll have a song that sounds better in such-and-such a tuning, who knows. eg, maybe it sounds better if you drop your low D rather than having to play the D an octave up ...

... but it's the same song. So it better WORK as a song in standard tuning. It better have a melody and a chord structure and sound like a song, regardless of your tuning.

Then you can arrange that song for any tuning you like, and perhaps some tunings will work better than others, or unlock new ideas, etc.

But you have to start with the song. The melody and the chord structure. Do that FIRST. And if you don't know alternate tunings well (and it sounds like you don't) do that in standard tuning. Because everything else is just going to distract you from that.