I have 200 euros to spend on a pedal. I love experimenting with sounds to make ambient, post-rock etc., so I want to buy a new pedal with crazy sounds. I already have the usual delay, reverb, drive etc. Preferably not only crazy boutique pedals but more mainstream too (say on the level of EHX). This because I don't want to have to get my pedals from outside Europe.

Fire away!
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Could that thing serve as a regular pitch shifter next the awesome noises? In that case I might buy it.
EDIT: It's not easy to come by though, for me.
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Could that thing serve as a regular pitch shifter next the awesome noises? In that case I might buy it.

I think it could. It's pretty sweet. Definitely not for the faint of heart though. unfortunately it is kinda boutique and ships from America. So you'll have that to deal with. But it sounds like exactly the sort of thing you're looking for.
Whammy pedal. Kicks ass. I'm using it for a jazz gig next week
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That thing is awesome!!!! I want and need one...

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Whammy DT, awesome.
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Maybe some kind of shimmer? Not as cool as the others, but the strymon blue sky made me want to cry it was so beautiful.
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Envelope filter or a wah is always fun.

For something really out there, maybe a ring modulator. A pitch shifter is great to have too.
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A Hot hand phaser flanger perhaps?

Wireless with the ring thing-y is two hundred american dollars direct. It can probably had for around that in europe but I couldn't say for sure.
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First thing I thought of when I read the title One of these would be great dude.
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EHX Ring thing or an EHX POG or EHX Memory Boy.

I love EHX
Boss space echo.
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