Hi anhero!

Usually I dont bother even looking at threads that don't have (C4C) in the subject line - incase you dont know, this stands for comment for comment, and it lets us know that if we take time out of our day to listen to and critique your playing, you will return the favor for us when we link you to one of OUR threads of a cover. Perhaps this is why you have 0 replies - I'm going to go ahead and comment anyway in the hopes that you will c4c me and start doing this with your threads too. You will probably get way more responses - we all work together round here.

As far as your video - a couple things. Overall, tight playing. You nailed the solo, the tone sounds good, the volume is good in the mix, good angle, etc. One thing I noticed is that even though there aren't many spots in this solo where it makes sense to use your pinkey, yours is curled up into your hand and about a million miles away from the fretboard the entire time. This is just a bad habit to be in in general - not good form and it will hinder you when you try to play stuff that is more difficult then this. I think we all do this to a degree - but you really have yours curled up big time, to the point where you must have tension in your hand which is NEVER a good thing. Just let it relax in the same position as the rest of your fingers man.. It will probably feel weird at first, keeping your pinkey closer to the fretboard all the time and not curling it up like that.. but you should get in the habit if you want to maximize your economy of motion. If you're looking for places to improve, this would be a great place to start.