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You might not realize it from his music, but Yngwie Malmsteen is a vintage Strat® collector, and he swears by his 50s and 60s axes. He also swears by our HS-3™, and he's always wanted a vintage magnet-stagger version to go with his best guitars. While there is still a strong resemblance to the HS-3™, the YJM™ has more presence and brilliance, particularly on the high strings, and still no 60-cycle hum. Yngwie uses it in the neck position of his main guitars, and it’s also the standard neck pickup on his signature model Strat®. Recommended For: All positions. Tech Talk: Works well in all 3 positions for slightly warmer than usual Strat sound. The vintage 50's magnet stagger is a subtle change from the standard HS-3™. It alters the overall tonal balance so there's a little more clarity and string definition, and highs cut through, particularly higher up the neck. Most recently, Yngwie has been using the YJM™ in the middle and neck position, with the HS-3™ in the bridge position.

4 Conductor Wiring
Alnico 5
Output 93mV
DC Resistance 23.5k

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