Hey guys. When you're recording guitars (or bass or keyboards or whatever), do you try to record it all at once or in parts?

I guess you do it in parts. Now, do you actually record a part in one track, and when you're done with it stop and later record in the same track? I feel like this puts a direct stop which sounds unnatural when I record (because it is a hard stop in the track). Or do you actually record the later part in another track so it sounds a bit more seamless?

I usually try to record everything with one try, I have found that you must be extremely precise when you try to cut and then punch in. Not saying it can't be done you just have work at it. One thing about recording acoustic though, Be aware where your mic is when you try to rerecord a part because even the slightest move with effect the sound. I really don't think that changing it to a different track will make any difference. If anything it'll effect it more considering that the new channel could have different plug-ins.
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I usually use separate tracks, one for the verses, one for the choruses etc.

That way it's easy to use different guitars, effects, EQ, pan position, mix level etc etc etc.
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i use separate tracks. if you are worried about getting "seams" in the sound from the direct stops, record an extra bar before the new part. so if you are going from the verse to chorus, you record the last line of the verse and then the chorus. then you can use a volume envelope so it fades in and sounds natural.
this thread shows a couple ways to punch in and out well: