Well if you don't care to comment on other people's music, why should they care to comment on yours?
It might mean critique. In the rule sticky it says that you shouldn't just say "I like it" but you should offer criticism. I don't particularly like that rule. This is the only place to show off original recordings. I don't think it should be required for someone to pick it apart.

It is annoying to have 10's of views and not a single comment. Heck I've got 2 threads up with C4C and still no comments. Oh well. So yeah, please comment on one of mine from the Original Recordings link below.

Listening to coal right now. Reminds me of John Goodsall and Brand X in their post Phil Collins years. Would like to hear some slower paced melodic phrasing between the shred. Mix it up a bit.
very 67'
your compositions seem to hark back to a more simpler day in electric folk.
laid back and relaxed.
like the dead i think but I'm no authority these kinds of things.
should do well in the indie scene but they seem to be very vocal centric over there for the most part.
you might want to recruit a young woman for that, it would work i think.
It's not that hard. When you review someone's song it bumps to the top. So the review and the bump is a courtesy to the person you are reviewing.