Intro guitar sounds out of tune or the strings are way old, or maybe you were just going for something bizarre. The distorted rhythm guitar sounds better, most of the time. Some of the lead guitar sounds out of tune to me, sometimes good. Drums are OK. I like some parts of the song. Timing of the guitar playing is good. Please review my music at this link:

Really cool riff when the distorted guitars kick in..reminds me of a mix of Maiden and Metallica. The section starting at about 2 minutes in is pretty sweet. The guitars could do with a tuning though, it's a bit distracting. Tight playing throughout. I love the section at about 3:30.

Either the bass is really low or there is no bass? I think bass would really bring this piece together as it sounds a bit thin at the moment. Good job though, interesting song.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1516644
I can definitely hear the maiden influence! Really good stuff. A couple of issues with the production: the crash cymbals are a little loud in conjuction with the rest of the kit. The kick and snare could really do with a lot more power behind them, turn them up and play around with some compression to get the best out of them. The guitars need slightly more treble i think, especially on the chuggy sections, anndd down at the other end, the bass guitar needs to be turned up too, if there is any... The clean guitar tones sounded nice if not slightly muffled.

I'd also recommend putting some kind of compression on the master out as well, the whole mix sounds a little quiet and kind of lacks any power or punch.

As for the actual track, I really dig it and I especially loved the more technical/progressive/breakdowny section with the dissonant chords and stuff. Keep it up man!

Thanks for checking out my track too