I already have a Gibson SG and a Tele. I play through a Peavey Vypyr 75 because I am a fan of the amp modeling. I really like the Fernandes sustainer idea, but Is it still a good quality guitar? Which would you pick?
All of the guitars you've mentioned are really good, but whats your playing style? Also, have you considered Carvin guitars? I personally do not own one, but I've tried a few and they are all amazing.
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I'm trying to stay under 650. I will be buying used from guitar center. They have all of these for around that price, but im open to any other suggestions.
I just bought a PRS SE Paul Allender a couple days ago. My buddy had the PRS SE Custom 24 and when the used Allender showed up at GC I jumped on it. The neck is fantastic. I have a nice LP but the upper fret access is not that great.

I wholehearted recommend the Custom 24. You cannot go wrong. But $650 is a bit high for used. I paid $400 and my Allender is mint. The Custom 24 is $679 new at MF shipped and $543 used shipped on eBay.