im bout order some guitar cables, picks and electric guitar strings. ive heard that braided cables are noiseless? whats ur take on that? as i wud like to minimise unwanted noise. moreover which picks wud u recommend for shredding? nd which strings do most ppl use? im mostly into stuf lyk guns n roses metallica iron maiden etc
Cables are pretty important...you may want to splurge on those. As far as braided and whatnot, idk, but make sure its a quality cable. I personally use Jazz 3 carbon fiber picks, but picks are almost complete personal preference. Strings, kind of the same deal, but I base them on what you are tuned to. If you have lower tunings, get heavier gauge strings. Can't go wrong with a set of super slinks if you're in standard, though. You could also try the Ernie Ball Cobalt strings. I haven't tried them, but I've heard great things.
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If you want a good cable, get one of the monster rock cables. But my 21 foot one was like $50. So it can cost you some money. I've never had any noise or trouble with it though.

Picks are total preference, but whatever you get, get heavy. I don't even know why they make thin picks. Should be around 2mm.

Just get some strings that are the gauge you want. (9's or 10's for standard tuning, higher if you're tuning lower.) I use Ernie Ball. Some people use Elixr. You'll eventually figure out what you like.
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there's no point in forking out for cables if you're using a starter pack kit

regarding picks, normally fairly thick. 1-1.5mm or so for most people who play stuff like that.
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Or just by a monster cable for now. If/ when they break u get them exchanged - no reciept needed no questions asked. Or get guitarcenters LiveWire's. They have the same warranty
Save your money for more important gear - and splurge in them when u are a rock star.
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