I just tried to power on my Crate v50 amp that I've had sitting around for almost a year now, and it won't turn on. I was planning on selling it, but now I have to figure out why it's not working. I stopped using it when I got my new amp, so it's been close to a year since it's been used. It worked fine before.

Nothing happens when I turn on the power switch. No light, tubes don't begin to glow, and no strange noises. I have nothing plugged into the amp that could be causing it either. The amp has seen very little play time, so I doubt its a blown tube. Everything appears to be fine internally (no broken wires or anything unplugged). The amp basically appears brand new, except for this little problem.

Any ideas on what could be causing it?
Is the power cable fully in (assuming it uses a detachable power cable)?

Your mains fuse may be blown as well.
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Have you blown the fuse in the power cable? Also a faulty tube wouldn't affect the rest of the amp i.e. the led would light up.
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Also, I tested the power cable's continuity and its fine. I can only seem to locate 3 small fuses on the board that look to be fine. How do I locate the mains fuse?

EDIT: I think I managed to find a burnt out resistor on the power board. Could this cause my problem?
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