I need recommendations. I'm looking to spend $1500-2500 on a 24 fret guitar. I play metal and classic rock
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I need recommendations. I'm looking to spend $1500-2500 on a 24 fret guitar. I play metal and classic rock

You're spoiled for choice. You need to be more specific.

I'm also jealous you can spend that much money.
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I meant to be vague. If you have any guitars that you would recommend for me I would appreciate it. I've only played strats all my life but I'm getting more into metal so I need a guitar that can do both.
Have you looked at Warmoth? For 1500 you could easily get something to suit your needs custom-built for you.
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
How about this. I love the PRS custom 24 but I'm having trouble finding one for under $2500. What guitars have similar versatility, tone and playability?
Have you looked at Carvin guitars? If you click on a model, then click 'guitar builder' on the right hand side, you can see all of the options for customizing the models. They are right around your price range.
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That's a lot of choices and money. Maybe you should just go to a GuitarCenter and try out all the guitars you want.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
if you want cheaper i love my: 3550MZ.


EBMM makes a few fine guitars JP-6 is a prime example.

or one of these parkers are killer

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I have a Carvin CT324M. It's got 24 frets, nice mahagony body and neck, Med jum stainless steel frets, ebony 12" radius board with Abalone block inlays, locking tuners and very nice humbuckers.

She cost about $1500 When you go with Carvin you can select a boat load of options at a decnet price that would put you in custom shop territory than many of the fine, aforementioned makers.

I used to own a 87/88 PRS Custom 24, this what is known in PRS afficinado circles as a Virginia Ave guitar meaning it goes back to Pauls old and small Virginia Ave shop when these things were pretty much totally handmade. It cost me $1850 in 1991.

The Carvin is pretty darn close and it's considered the base model for the CT line.

The only thing I had to do was switch to the 10.5-48 string gauge I use. That's it.
guitars are'nt.electric,The amps are.Ive got a 2006 Schecter C-1 classic.You can reach the 24th as good as the 12th.I use .008,s or.007,s. the intonation and harmonics on this thing are perfect.I,ve got Gibsons that cost 4or 5 times what this thing did,and I play it all the time.panhead
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