I bought an Ibanez RG350EXZ the other day and when I went to tune it, the tuners were rotated all the way and I was still out of tune by about a half step. Is there any way to fix this? Much appreciated.
By tuners, you mean the fine tuners?

First, you unlock the locking nut. Then you turn all of the fine tuners so that they are about halfway between being tightened all the way and being loosened all the way. Then you use the regular tuners at the headstock to tune your guitar. When your guitar is in tune, you lock the locking nut. Then you use the fine tuners to make fine adjustments.

The fine tuners are only for fine adjustments, they aren't meant to tune/detune a string by more than a step.
Assuming you mean the fine tuners...

Return fine tuners to half up/down.
Unlock locking nut, tune using headstock tuners.
Adjust spring tension as nessessary, check intonation.

From EG sticky:

Tuning -
Loosen the locking nut.
Set your fine tuners to middle position.
Tune up your guitar to standard or whichever tunings u wish. "Cross-tuning" = Tune the low E string> A string> low E string again> D string> low E string>A string... and so forth. Keep repeating for all strings. To make it easier, tune the previous string generally a bit sharper or about half step
sharper so you don't have to repeat cross-tuning too much.
If the floating bridge comes out, loosen the tunings and then tighten the springs in the tremolo cavity at the back, if the bridge sinks, then vice-versa, until the bridge is parallel to the body.
Be patient.
If you're happy with your tunings and your bridge is well centered/parallel, lock the nuts.
Tune again using the fine tuners.

Stretch the strings first if they're new.
You might want to have at least 3 springs at the back and after following the tuning method above, tighten the 2 claw's screw for about 1/8th or 1/16th. This is to prevent your floating bridge from getting stuck to the knife edges on the posts after you bend notes. You can ignore this if your bridge/trem is reliable (e.g. Edge Pro, Edge, ZR, Lo-Pro Edge, Original Floyd Rose, Licensed Floyd Rose by Kahler/Schaller/Gotoh). You "may" face this problem a lot if your guitar is brand new.