Thanks for your comment! I'm here to c4c.

Great job with the guitar work. The vocals were a bit shrill at times, and sometimes sounded way off key. This is something that can be learned though and just comes with practice. In terms of singing while playing, you did fantastic in my opinion. Keep up the good work, and if you really want to sing then take singing lessons.. they are available locally for cheap and even just a couple weeks/months of lessons will give you a much more solid foundation.
Thanks for the critique. I'm almost completely self taught, vocally and range is something I'm very new to exploring, so I know I still have long way to go. But I'm always practicing
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Thanks for the criticism dude. I checked it out and you did well, the guitar was spot on. The vocals need some work as been said, but you've def. got a good start. If I can say something that hasn't been said already, to me at points it sounded like you were forcing out the vocals (if that makes sense). Keep up the good work.