I had this crazy idea of turning my vypyr 75 watt combo amp into a head and building cab I know it's an 8 ohm output but I'm not sure about the speaker wattage going for a 2x12 or maybe a 4x12 .
I know what to do for the head and cab wiring but speaker wattage n stuff is greek to me.
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For the love of god why?

why not?

Dude, it has been done countless times before.

Watts are the easy part. You have a 75 watt amp so you need at least 75 watts of a bit more of cab wattage. What is so hard about that?

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Just remember, make sure you match ohms. Very important. The amp has an 8 ohm tap out so since you know what to do - can you tell me how you would configure your 212?