I have a really good song written and 99% of the guitar done for it just the build up to the chorus i need to work on and i have my first show on the 18th so i have been practicing it like crazy and the more and more i practice over and over for like 5 hours today playing the same thing i start making mistakes and i play it worse than when i started.. should i just like try to play something else i would take small breaks every hour or so but i played the same thing over and over and every time i would mess up id get progressively more pissed because of the dumb mistake.
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Basically, this will keep happening. Every time you play the mistake you teach it to your hands.

What you have to do is just chill out, and take it as slow as you need to to play it perfectly. So slow you can't make the mistake.

If you do it wrong 50 times, next time it'll probably be wrong.
Do it right 50 times, next time it'll be right.

Just learn when your hands are stupid, you need to go super slow.
What's that old adage?, "Making mistakes while practicing is practicing to make mistakes"
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my old spanish teacher: "when a part on my motorcycle breaks, i take it to a shop and they weld it up or fix it or whatever. then it's stronger than it was before, and it's less likely to break again. when you make a mistake, fix it and it'll stay fixed next time you run into it, otherwise you're just dragging it around after you"

i don't know, i always liked that metaphor
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