What is everyone's thoughts on the game Rocksmith? I bought it and have been thoroughly enjoying what it has to offer. Its not a GREAT teaching tool, but it is good for some muscle memory, and what it does best is gets you playing songs; which is really the most important part of guitar; MUSIC.

Your thoughts?
I have it and it's great. I find myself always trying to overcome difficult parts in songs, and whenever I do, it's improvement. So it really motivates you to get better. Much more fun than sitting in front of a tab.
Do we really need another Rocksmith thread ?

it feels like some 90´s american commercia where a perfect polaroid family is seen smiling and having fun with Rocksmith, then some black guy joins the fun and is greeted warmfully to add racial diversity!

Then some testimonials follow!

A music teacher says its a great teaching tool and it is fun for the whole family!

Some dude says that he has been trying to play guitar for 15 years but he never got anywhere, however after 1 day with Rocksmith he mastered the guitaR!!!

Dude2: its so fun even my grandma plays it!!

Lame, lame, lame :P

pls cut it out.
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