The low E tuning peg on my 7 string guitar just broke.

I had just put on a new set of strings, and I was tuning the low E, and it suddenly goes flaaaat. I figured it was just the new string stretching out, so I kept tuning it.
it kept going flat so I looked at the actual tuning peg, and it looks like its about to fall off the guitar. The part that the string is actually wrapped around was kinda tilted toward the body of the guitar (obviously because the string was pulling it.)
And on the back of the headstock you can see its all tilted and you can see a silver gear in there.
I am not sure which brand they are (honestly, they are probably shitty ones), because I bought the guitar used and there are no names on the pegs.

F*CK. I love this guitar, it is my main guitar, and now it has 6 working strings (I cut the low E off to take some pressure off the tuning peg).

my question: should I get that one tuning peg fixed? or should I buy a whole new set?
I am thinking a whole new set, because what harm could it do? Buuuuut i dont know how much they cost, and I dont know how easy it is going to be to find a set of 7 tuning pegs.

tldr: Low E tuning peg broke, should I get it fixed or just buy 7 new pegs?

by the way, I'd love to take pictures to show the details but I dont know how to put pics in a thread. (yes I realize its 2012 and I still cant work a damn computer).
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you should probably get a new set id they really are shitty no name tuning pegs

and im not sure how thye are but i bought a set of 6 tuning pegs and i paid about 30 dolllars so maybethatll help with an estimate of how much your paying
Buy 7 new pegs. Will be about 70$ usd. Email stew mac or wherever and ask for a 7th to be added to a six string set before ordering.
buy a new set. really good tuners will set you back $80 tops. take it to a shop and have them recommend some that will fit the guitar and your budget
Definitely a complete new set. If you got just one that LOOKED the same and ended up being different you'd just be disappointed again. And spend the extra money for a branded set, i.e. Schaller, Kahler. If you check the 'Bay you might even come across a set that matches your guitar brand. Good luck!
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i have personally had great luck with grover. they are pretty cheap as well.
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ok so it looks like i have to save some cash for new tuners.
my schecter has grovers, and they seem to be decent so i might look into them.

thanks everyone
Im just pissed off my guitar is broken
my 6 best friends:
Ibanez Artcore AF75
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
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