I'm confused, which ones in the zip file are for the EP and which are random unfinished stuff?

Also: I love your works, you sure write some great stuff!
I only listened to "I Have A Dream" and I'm not sure what the rest of your songs are like but this one seemed to have a slight punk rock sound to it (not really my thing), but with a more mature sound, the occasional break here and there, and it helped to mix things up, so I don't have any major problems there.

One complaint I will mention is that the vocals seem to be a little to continuous. The melodies are fine but I feel like there should be a few more rests. The solo was a nice addition, as well as the piano break after it - I'm starting to imagine this is what better pop rock sounds like. I want to know how verse 3 sounds with the vocals but yeah, good work overall.

C4C Please?
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I feel more of a pop punk vibe than a pop rock on most of the tracks to be honest! Nonetheless, great job, I haven't listened to the entire thing but it's very consistent in the song-writing so far!
Hey , i listened to No Matter what Happens

first of id suggest naming your sections so its a lot easier for people to crit since they can say i liked verse 1 or chorus 2 or etc.

I liked the intro , had a nice soothing thing about it

love the part where the drums come in , allthough i imagined different drums with it its still good and expands on the intro

after that the piano is nice again allthough it cinda pulls you out of the groove and sort of starts over again but i quess its a verse so it works anyway.

the chorus again ( at least i think its a chorus ) is still good the second time .

wait what .... thats it ..... song ends ? ... really ?

it feels like you only have about 1/4 of a song and i think you should introduce a new section where you stopped and build on from there

anyway as it is right now id give it an 8/10 for the individual sections that go together really well , but as a song id give it a 5/10 cuz it doesnt feel like a full/finished song.

Can you crit In Flanders Fields for me its in my sig and you can download the mp3 if you dont have gp 6.
Just returned your crits guys! Sorry about the latency. I get to where I only visit when I post new tracks. Therefore directly failing at life and returning crits when I post the new tracks... :|