So, my girlfriend now wants a tube amp ever since playing my Egnater, and when I showed her the Orange Dark Terror, she loved every minute of it. The demo I showed her was only concerned if it could do Metal, though, and didn't show any other sounds it could make, like most DT demos. So I thought I would head over to good ol' UG and ask.

She plays Bowling for Soup more than anything, but also stuff ranging from pop to Metal. She likes stuff like Paramore, Evanescence, Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Patent Pending, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Queen, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fiver Finger Death Punch, Metallica, and Black Label Society.

Budget here is pretty flexible because it's just and Idea for now. However much a DT and matching 1x12 cab would cost.

Let's just assume new for now.

She might do smaller gigs with it, but probably nothing but full band practice and jamming with me or alone.

Her current gear is an LTD EC-200QM, plus she has all the stuff in my sig available to her.

I'm pretty sure the main things she likes about the amp are that it's small and cute (she likes lunchbox amps) and that it's by Orange, so if you're gonna make suggestions of other amps, try to keep them small and cute
I'm pretty sure it'd cover all those bases, but quite a few of those artists rely on both clean and dirty tones. With a single channel amp like the Dark Terror, it's going to mean a lot of sneaky fiddling with the guitars volume knob.
As a disclaimer, I've not tried the DT yet, but the Orange #4 seems like a far more versatile amp with its 3-band EQ.

Plus given that I don't see THAT strong a need for a butt-spankingly clean tone, the fact that its clean tone has more push that's approaching a blues sound shouldn't be much of an issue.

Plus it still has the brootalz styling of the Dark Terror.

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She hates clean electric guitar period. She won't play clean, so one channel is fine. She doesn't need channel switching, and doesn't really know anything about EQing. I'll probably help her set it where she wants and it'll stay on those settings forever.

She's not too picky or worried about matching exact tone at all, she just wants something that sounds ballpark similar and that she thinks sounds good. If I were to ask her to pick between a Jet City Pico Watt, a Mesa Road King, an Original Marshall Plexi, or a Soldano SLO, she would pick the Jet City because it's cute. She just noticed the difference between her Vox DA5 and my Egnater and liked mine more, so I figured we might as well start looking into a tube amp for her. She likes that Orange uses the color Orange for their stuff and she likes the lunchbox size. Most of the actual picking will be up to me to make sure she's getting something good.

As for the #4, I'll look into it, but once she finds out it's Slipknot-related, she might refuse, although since it's also Stone Sour-related, that might fix it...(women... )
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If she doesn't use cleans, and just likes the styling of it, she should be happy with it. It'd cover all her bases tonally well and, as she says, it's cute
The Orange Dark Terror is great! It's a simple little lunch box amp that has Watt switching and loves to be played.

The cleans are not that great but they are pretty good. Reading above that's perfect for her. I doubt the Orange would not have enough gain for her as this amp gets a lot of Gain.

The amp is simple with it's EQ, it only has a Shape knob. The Shape knob will 99.9% make her EQing problems simple.

The amp can do Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, and with a pedal Deathcore and Metalcore. Just learn to use the Gain and Shape knob together and there you go. The farther you turn the Shape knob clockwise, the more mids that get sucked out. The farther counter-clockwise, the more mids and bass are added.

This amp has a Wattage selector that when up towards the ceiling is 15 watts, the middle is Stand-by, and the bottom towards the floor is 7 watts. Don't be fooled though! This amp is LOUD! On the back of the amp you have 3 speaker outs, two 8 Ohm and one 16 Ohm, and an FX loop. Yes an FX loop! So she can use her delay, reverb, and other time based pedals with ease.

I believe the amp stock uses 3 12ax7's for the Preamp section and 2 EL84's for the Power amp and 1 12at7 for the FX loop. If you are not a fan of any of this, just give the amp a try and see how good it is yourself! The only way this amp could be better if they had made a Dark Terror Dual head!

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