The lead part for the intro is pretty damn strange for me, im playing the exact same notes at the same tuning and on the album and live it sounds much higher? Is this some kind of pedal?!
do you want to be more specific? Like perhaps at least telling people who the song is by?

Maybe even go all out and post a link to a youtube vid if you want to be extra helpful?

Just a thought.
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Well, they use about 2 or 3 guitars in the studio version for the lead, that could have something to do with it.
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DONT FEEL STUDIP.....IT'S MIRROR MIRROR...BLIND GUARDIAN FON CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!!!sorry I don't have anything to offer except of the sugestion of a capo which I know them to use...also I have to add that all their kick-ass compositions like mordred's song are like that....If you break them apart instrument by instrument it really doesn't make sense...but all of them together......brilliance!