I figured out the input on my POD HD and if I put it too high the recording on Reaper sounds awful and the more I lower it but not to low, it sounds pretty good but there is one problem. I can't hear myself play! My input is my actual volume and is there someway to keep my volume high without Reaper sounding bad, I tried lowering the master volume on Reaper (on the bottom left) and it still sounded bad.

It just sucks now because whenever I record, I can't play loud. Need help!

EDIT - Is there a timer on the record button or something?
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What do you mean? Raise the volume on your computer or your speakers? Put the input volume up until it's just about to clip, then lower it a bit. Surely your POD can do this. Haven't tried recording with a POD in reaper though.
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my speakers are on max and I can't raise my pod volume without the recording sounding like shit.