I've been wanting to used my whammy bar for a very long time, but I always go out of tune. I have locking tuners and graphtech saddles and I still go out of tune. I've tried to balance my tremolo but I always end up having one string go sharp and one string going flat. I've tried various odd combinations with the springs and it still won't stay in tune, so the only thing left would be the system itself. Do you think I should just get a new set of springs and see if that will work? If I should upgrade, what are some good tremolo upgrades for a MIM strat?
Thanks in advance!

P.S. I don't know if it makes a difference but I use 11s
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This video seems too good to be true...

nah man this dude is legit. his floyd setup is brilliant.

thought this trick didnt work for my cheap LTD, i would expect it to work on ur strat
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That video does work. I have an MIM strat and it stayed just about perfectly in tune, with 11s
have fun whammying WITH a whammy bar