It also depends a lot on your budget, personal preferences and what type of music you are into playing? I recently got a 4-string, I've heard a lot of others say the 5th string of 5-string bass guitars tend to get in their way.
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i would rather have a 4 string, the jack and danny and richwood are not good? i really like a jazz guitar, dunno if the jaguar has the jazz sound
Any bass can do anything (within reason) obviously you have some preference towards jazz, so we don;t need to worry about you obsessing over bc rich garbage. In truth, the best value and most versatile bass in that list is the Jag, it'll be warm enough for jazz and blues and whatnot, and the P-pickup will get some nice growl to get harsher tones for rock, hard-rock and metal. If you REALLY want a Jazz bass (by which I mean the bass called a jazz bass and not a bass suited for jazz) have a look at the vintage modified jazz, it's the best bass I've played for under $500 and looks fantastic. Another option to suggest would be having a look at some used basses at the pawn shops in your area? If you're just starting out getting something basic to learn on, and then in a year or two use the money you saved to buy yourself something awesome, is never a bad idea.
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Don't know how the 5th string can get in the way. If you look at it, you have to go beyond the low E to get there.

It's happened to me because my brain tends to think that the first string, which is usually E, is now B. So it'll get in the way in the sense that you're used to thinking that first string is E, and you'll play the B by mistake happened to me.
i'd go for the jaguar. i believe it's a short scale, btw - not sure if that works for you.

btw, what are your plans for the amp - practicing at home or something more?
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