im thinking of buying a dunlop crybaby.what i would lyk to know is that is there any sound difference between the orignal crybaby and the signature versions i.e lyk slash crybaby? can i produce sounds like sweet child o mine solo with the orignal crybaby?
the slash has a lame distortion circuit, it really takes away from the sound, apparently, the tone of the wah may be diffrent but not really enough to justify the extra price.

the sweet child solo still sounds awesome with an original crybaby, i used to have one and it did.
some of the signature series have different sweep ranges, I would stick to the original or the 535Q version that has a dial on the side to adjust the sweep range.
Get the Classic Crybaby. The best wah on the market in it's price range.
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yeah just get an original one. unfortunately they have the biggest problem as far as bypass signal and i read somewhere that they have the most tonal loss than any other pedal on the market. but we all use them anyways. there are companies out there that will mod your wah pedal too.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I use the original and I couldn't be happier. People complain about them being tone hogs and being loud/noisy. I don't have much noise problems on my rig these days, but I use it mainly for solos here and there...I love the sound.
I have an classic crybaby and like it. the tone suckage isn't that bad. When its the only pedal its pretty bad but I have an OD after it and it sounds pretty good. I can barely tell the difference when I have those two on.

If you really wanna hear tone suck then go grab a black russian big muff. That thing destroys cleans. I'm gonna have to get a bypass looper to make it useable.
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